The Ran Neu-Ner Business Leadership Journey
In his matric year, Ran Neu-Ner and his partner made close to R1 million on their 2nd ever entrepreneurial adventure. Yes, adventure – as opposed to venture – because that’s how their business story rolls.

In true entrepreneurial style, after a few business adventures and misadventures, Neu-Ner and his partner started a 2-man promotions agency in 2001. Today that company, The Creative Counsel, is the largest advertising group in South Africa by staff and turnover and its founders won the 2015 Sanlam/Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

In this face to face, no-holds-barred video interview Neu-Ner lets us in on some wild business stories, his personal development, the approach and the beliefs that have grown his business into the giant that it is today.