• Why Coaching Can Help

    Why coaching can help your public speaking concerns. Do you feel anxious every time you are asked to speak in front of a crowd? Are your fears and worries starting to hold you back and create problems in your career or personal life? If so, then you should consider why coaching is often recommended for folks who are in your shoes. Although it...

  • Your Personal Development

    Your Personal Development is essential to every aspect of your life. Are you seeking ways to increase your health and wellness, including at a mental and spiritual level? Perhaps you are struggling to determine what is going on that you need help with. In either instance, working on your personal development will get you on the right...

Corporate Training and Leadership Services

Instructor Led Training

3rd Degree Solutions offers a very intense and dedicated learning session focusing on specific topics selected by individuals or organizations. Training will improve one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance. The instructors will lead students through training course materials. Exercises and handouts will be provided.

Keynote Speaker

Our Keynote speakers motivate, inspire and entertain all size audiences. With 20 years of corporate experience at Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, our team uses that that experience to help business owners, executives, top management leaders, and political leaders transform how they communicate, connect, and grow as leaders

360 Degree Assessments

3rd Degree Solutions utilizes Pre-Training Assessment (PTA) and Post Training Evaluations (PTE) – The PTA is administered at the very start of the user training. The goal of the PTA is to assess what level the users are at as a group, as well as individually. It indicates the comfort, knowledge, and skills before and after the training or workshop.

Online Mastermind

Mastermind participants emerge from the workshops with positive mental attitudes, stronger and more cohesive teams and increased confidence that the right decisions are made that will move your organization to new heights. For individuals, the group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.


3rd Degree Solutions provides knowledge, skills and competencies to students and engages them to share ideas and help each other facilitate new ideas that can be beneficial to all. 3rd Degree facilitates the development of new skills and incorporate new information so students can utilize the information in their jobs, which many lead to increased productivity.

Coaching Sessions

3rd Degree Solutions realizes that coaching is not a profession, but a calling. We inspire positive life transformation as well as positive mindset. We help students to reach their purpose vision and goals. This is accomplished by teaching strategies for continuous success. We provide pre and post questionnaires for our coaching students so that we can track their growth.

What People Are Saying About Us!

"Me'chelle is truly the Blueprint Leadership Strategist! She facilitated 45 interns for North Carolina Department of Transportation. The interns were captivated by her thought provoking and engaging sessions. Mrs. McKenney made students stretch from being on campus to being in business. She motivated them to walk into the program as leaders. Students realized that they are their brand and that it is their responsibility of how their brand is displayed and received in the work place. These workshops were a huge asset and benefit in DOT reaching its goals with this program!"

Al Austin
Al Austin Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Outreach Director, North Carolina Department of Transportation

"Me'chelle graciously volunteered as a key-note presenter for four (consecutive) sessions of our BUSINESS 105 class. She was engaging and provided excellent advice, tips, and guidance to 350 first-year students. She engaged long lines of interested students and individually addressed their specific Q &A needs. Our students left imprinted with power and information. Thanks again, Me'chelle, for making a lasting impact!"

Tyler Wiersma
Tyler Wiersma Professional Development Specialist, University of North Carolina Greensboro

"Ms. McKenny empowered our students to believe excellence is their norm. Ms. McKenny propelled our students to the next level in presentation skills. Through a two-part series of peer to peer presentations, many who were introverts found their voice and their message. Ms. McKenny transformed the BRITE students into a group of professionals, capable of integrating leadership, networking and communications skills in their roles as campus leaders, mentors and student advocates."

Natacha Janvier-Derilus
Natacha Janvier-Derilus Advisor/Recruiter, North Carolina Central University - BRITE Department

"Me'chelle designed and taught classes for Sciquest partners. She really shined when interfacing with the teams and was effective in delivering relevant project management and product implementation principles. Her energy was magnetic and brings cohesiveness to any team. She's a great motivational speaker."

Robin Fred
Robin Fred Manager of Onboarding Programs, Sciquest

"The information you shared at our Leadership, Communication and Personal Branding Symposium for 550 seniors was informative and powerful. Students need your positive and direct messages to help them to successfully transition from school to career and life!"

Susan Tyson
Susan Tyson Career Development Coordinator, Wake Forest Rolesville

“It was a pleasure to be a part of the Leadership/Networking Workshop facilitated by Me’chelle McKenney, as part of the NC Governor’s HBCU Internship Orientation. This presentation resonated with the students, causing them to reflect on the true meaning of leadership and how to utilize this skill moving forward. The career services directors in attendance were also impressed and requested workshops for their individual campuses. Mrs McKenney is captivating and interactive. All attendees left inspired and motivated to do excellence."

Tenika McMillan
Tenika McMillan ASA Assessment and Program Specialist, University of North Carolina General Administration

"Me’chelle MeKenney is a passionate, charismatic public speaker! She has empowered the Wake County Public School System for the past two years as a presenter in our Networking 101 session. This workshop is part of “Great Xplorations”, an annual countywide event that hosts 600 - 800 high school students. Ms. McKenny brought passion for power networking and inspired our students and teachers to pursue being greater!"

Ms. Traci Claiborne
Ms. Traci Claiborne Career Development Coordinator (CDC), Sanderson High School

"YOUR unselfish and generous contribution helped to make this “sold out” event an overwhelming success. You stretched us past our comfort zone and encouraged us to overcome. Without your valuable support, our Women’s Weekend would not have been as successful. May God continue to Bless You Abundantly!"

Dr. Reginald Van Stephens
Dr. Reginald Van Stephens Pastor, White Rock Baptist Church

"Impactful Leader— that is how I want to re-brand myself after attending Ms. McKenny’s seminar. I learned key leadership principles that I did not know existed. I would recommend her to any group seeking to discover the leader within. I am empowered because her!"

Jessyka T Faulkner
Jessyka T Faulkner Student, North Carolina Central University