Servant Leadership in the Business World
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What’s up everybody! It’s Coach Caleb from

This video is gonna be STRAIGHT from my heart and something I’m so deeply passionate about as a business owner, a leader, as an entrepreneur, and as a coach with a company called Team Beachbody.

We need way more *TRUE* servant leaders in the business world. And honestly, not just in business- in area of the world! Like, people that ACTUALLY lead through genuine, second place, sometimes sacrificial service to others.

And here’s why: our world is stupid broken. If we’re being honest, it’s filled with so many self-absorbed, self-concerned, self-consumed, self-serving people in leadership positions (note- I didn’t call them leaders), and these broken and confused people in leadership positions really, when you look deep in their heart, only have their best interests in mind. Even though they may say they’re public servants and want to help people, their goal is honestly only to fulfill themselves, every day, sometimes even at the expense of the people they say they’re “helping”.

Mmm. Have you ever seen that in a “leader”? Isn’t it so obvious to you when you see it, and yet, you’re kinda afraid to say it? I’ll say it!

And then, these people in leadership positions act all confused when they realize somewhere down the road that they’re unfulfilled in their business pursuits, or their wealth building, or recognition, or success or social standing, and it’s because…surprise….the only person they’ve been serving is themselves. Where’s the fulfillment in a living life of never-ending self-fulfillment when your reality, whether you choose to see it or not, is a life on a planet, in a community, with over 7 billion other people?

This video is a call to people in leadership positions to go against the flow and make a bold return to TRUE servant leadership. To realize that your life is not all about you. Haha. To humble yourself and become a servant first. Leader second. You want to be awesome, and realize all the amazing gifts you’ve been given, and your absurdly powerful role in the lives of others, and your true authority, and true wealth, and your massive potential, and your unique purpose? Then make it your mission to get back to the roots of true leadership, and lead the way in serving.

If we think about it…the greatest Servant (capital S) that ever walked this planet (who, by they way, some of us are still following 2,000 years later)…He taught us that REAL authority, and REAL success, and real leadership, and real power, and anything on this planet with eternal significance that’s actually worth pursing…comes when we humble ourselves enough to serve others.

Servant leadership. TRUE leadership.

That’s all for today folks! Listen- I don’t know where your place of service is in this world, but I feel like I’ve discovered mine in some way or another with Team Beachbody. Yes, it’s a health and fitness business, yes it’s network marketing, and NO it’s not the right place for everybody, but if feel in your heart like you’re being tugged towards all this for some reason and you relate to what I’ve been communicating, I would love the opportunity to talk to you about this opportunity. Shoot me a message, and we’ll chat.

Love you guys, peace!
Coach Caleb