“Business Leadership in a Time of Disruption” Singularity University – 2017.10.26 Warsaw
“Business Leadership in a Time of Disruption”. In the context of today’s unprecedented political uncertainty and economic upheaval, the ability to create and manage the best soft-environment is fundamental to succeed and to move forward, to grow. It may seem easy but it is often the result of real-life experiences that teaches you the way to generate the best decision making process, and as a consequence, the best corporate strategy and eventually innovation. Massimo will describe the key characteristics that any leader, any director, any supervisor, but also any employee should have in order to avoid bad – predictable – surprises. Being able to think out of the box is an ability that anyone can nurture in everyday life, thinking disruptive is often part of an attitude that can be extremely powerful in all those situations that seem stuck, but it is important to be able to glean inspiration from many more different sources in order to move on as fast as possible. Chasing new challenges everyday represents one of the possible ways to cultivate new abilities, but it is only with a focused mind and with a leader’s vision that you will not lose control.